historyA Family Tradition.

Founded by John P. Hirsch in 1890, Hirsch Fruit Farm has been offering the freshest, best tasting fruits available to Chillicothe and south central Ohio.

It was on the hillsides of Ross County where John Hirsch planted his first peach trees. He marketed most of his 20 acres of peaches by selling them to corner grocers in Chillicothe from his horse drawn wagon. John had a diversified farming operation that included cattle, hogs, dairy, chickens, sheep, corn, wheat, & hay as well as fruits & vegetables.

In the late 1920’s, John’s son, Leo Hirsch joined the farming operation and continued to expand the orchard. By 1960, they had nearly 75 acres of apples and peaches. Most of the fruit was sold to local grocers and roadside market operators. At the same time Leo began a small retail outlet located at the packing house & cold storage building right on the farm.

In the mid 1960’s, John’s grandsons, Frank Hirsch and Dick Ginther returned to the farm. They moved the farm in a direction that was more specialized in fruit – phasing out the dairy, hogs, chickens and grain. They opted instead to add strawberries, raspberries, blackberries & other fruit varieties. In 1969 Hirsch Fruit Farm was incorporated and the retail market was expanded to offer our customers a wider variety of fresh fruits & vegetables, cider, apple butter, jams, & more.

In 1992, Steve Hirsch, the fourth generation, returned to the farm to continue the tradition of quality and service for which the farm is known. He has helped to expand and enhance the gift box and gift basket offerings and has added more small fruit acreage to the farm. He also helped get the farm involved in many off-farm marketing opportunities including the Chillicothe Farmers Market, Bob Evans Farm Festival and the Ross County Fair to name a few.

In 2005, Mike Hirsch, Steve’s brother joined the family operation as we expanded to open an off-farm market on the north side of Chillicothe, just off North Bridge St. He also has helped us develop more on-farm opportunities including corporate outings and tours.

Today, Hirsch Fruit Farm continues to strive to uphold the traditions of quality & value. Hirsch’s offers a wide range of Gift Boxes and Baskets, has daily parcel pickup for customer convenience and accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Hirsch’s is open year round with a variety of fruits and vegetables in season. So, if you are in the Chillicothe area, we welcome you to visit one of our markets. See you soon!

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